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We know how important your property is, that’s why we aim to provide excellent level of management and lettings services. You can rest assured that your investment is in good hands and we keep it in excellent condition. Furthermore, we can make your property work for you and pay back its investment.
Your Property is an asset with us
"Sash Management readily addressed and overcame all of our concerns as property owners in Bulgaria. They offered care-free, complete range of services and we felt like with minimal involvement we received maximum return on our investment. Would happily recommend to everyone"

Amanda and Paul O'Neil

Management and Lettings
It includes everything that is needed to maintain and to rent out your property... read more

Lettings Only
This service is convenient for property owners who already have organised their property maintenance and cleaning... read more

Customized Management Service
This service is excellent for those wishing to be more in control and decide which service they require and when... read more