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Lettings Only  
Lettings Only

Charge: 15% of the gross rental income for short term and 50% from the first received rent for long term tenants
This service is convenient for property owners who already have organized their property maintenance and cleaning personally or with the help of other service providers.

Sash Management can act as your tour operator and provide tenants for long-term or tourists for short-term stay. All the marketing and advertising will be handled by our own marketing department. We are running various advertising campaigns such as local and international advertisements in the press and travel media, internet advertising through our website and our affiliated network, participation in local and international travel shows and high street advertising in our local offices etc.

Our team can also meet guests at the airports by providing our own shuttle bus or can arrange car hire, arrange local tours and visiting attractions.

We charge commission of 15% of the gross rental income or pay fixed rental price to the property owner when we rent your property on short-term basis (1-26 nights of stay) or 50% of the first monthly rental when we find a long-term tenant (26+ nights of stay)

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you have signed contract with us for this service our company will not be responsible for the actual maintenance and upkeep of your property. Also, cleaning, laundry, payment of bills, certifying the apartment for letting, will not be a part of our duties, so you should have organized these in advance with a different service provider. Accommodating our customers in your property we will expect that you or an authorized person will be available 24 hours a day to assist to clients who have rented your property and help them with everything needed (including registration of clients in the local Police office).

We reserve the right not to accept a certain property for servicing.