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Management & Lettings  
Management and Lettings

Charge: 600 € per year + 15 % commission from lettings generated by us for short term and 50 % from the first received rent for long tern tenants
It includes everything that is needed to maintain and to rent out your property, from key handling, paying the utility bills and annual local tax, advertising and placing tenants for short or long term rental, communication with other intermediates (ie tour operators and travel agents) to assisting the tenant/tourist fully during their stay:

1. We will make all the relevant photos and together with detail description will publish it on our partner`s rental websites;
2. We will also pass your property details over to all of our collaborative agencies and tour operators;
3. Once we have received a deposit with confirmed reservation we will then inform you on the booked period and everything regarding the reservation and preparing of the apartment is our own, full responsibility:
     • Airing of the property
     • Cleaning the apartment
     • Making of the beds
     • Delivering laundered linen, towels and toilet paper
     • Welcome pack delivery (upon request)
     • Midweek and prior to departure check up to ensure that tenants take good care of the property
     • Full inventory and presentation before and after every let
     • Check all contents against inventory
     • Cleaning the apartment after departure
     • Ensuring all windows and doors are locked
4. Assisting the tenants with airport transfers, tours, excursions and making sure they have a wonderful time

Subscribing for our letting package does not oblige you with any exclusivity. You are free to look for even more rental opportunities (for ex. advertising through Internet) or hire another letting agent. We need only to be your official and only key holder and require all the bookings and access to your property to be through us for security reasons.

Owners can use their property as much as they wish provided that they have informed us in advance and if there is no booking already made or long-term tenant staying at their property.

Commission rate – 15 % from the rental income for short term tenants and 50 % from the first received rent for long term tenants .Subscription is for one year.