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Customized Management  
Customized Management

This service is excellent for those wishing to be more in control of the management and lettings of their apartment and decide which service they require and when. You open an account of 500 € and then choose from the services we offer ( all prices including VAT):
Occupied property

Studio Apt 30 € per week
1 bedroom Apt 30 € per week
2 bedroom Apt 35 € per week
3 bedroom Apt 45 € per week

     • arranging flights and local tours for guests
     • welcome guests and key handover
     • daily light cleaning
     • weekly deep cleaning and laundry
     • inventory check

Unoccupied property

10 € per week
     • airing the property
     • light cleaning – dusting and mopping the floor
     • checking the security, pipes, heating , leeks and removing any problems immediately

Paying the bills