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Snagging Report  
Snagging Report

The prices for snagging are:

One bedroom apartment – 130 euros
Two bedroom apartment – 160 euros

+ the transport cost for outside Sofia
As you well know snagging is essential for your new built property and only certified professional can point the remaining issues. If the development is approaching act 16 this is the best time to offer professional snagging report from a certified structural engineer and surveyor , who will inspect your property , prepare the list both in English and Bulgarian , the English one goes to you with relevant pictures, the Bulgarian goes to the developer to be redone. Then a second visit is undertaken to check the work done and a professional snagging report is being issued that your property is free from structural and engineering faults which adds to the value of the property when you decide to resell.

It is always good decision to have a professional engineer to inspect your completed apartment as he checks the working plans and makes sure all materials are used as per planned, all systems electrical, water , sewage work properly it is not only as general as the paint work here and there and obvious faults. Our professional will go to your property as many times as it is needed to make sure all problems are resolved .Your report is confidential and only yourself and the developer will have a copy.