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Excellent local knowledge, up to date facts, invaluable tips all wrapped up with our professional advice about everything you need to know before you invest and much more.

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Our Buyers Guide includes

  > 10 common mistakes to avoid
  > 10 reasons why Bulgaria is a good property investment
  > Economical overview and European Union factor
  > Where to invest - profile of investment areas
  > Legal , finance and mortgage advice

+ many useful tips
I didn't think I would learn so many things from the Buyers Guide.
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Rupert Newbury
1. Do your research - Carry out as much research as possible, visit property exhibitions, buy books and magazines and look on the Internet. At the same time don’t take everything you read, see or hear as if it were etched in stone. Be willing to dig to confirm the facts behind whatever type of project you get involved with.

2. Think it through - Are you looking for a holiday home, an investment property, or somewhere to retire to? How much time are you planning to spend in your overseas property? Set your budget and try not to go over it! It is important to account for these additional costs from the outset. Having a clear strategy is a key to successful property hunting.
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3. Choose the right property - Make sure a careful due diligence is being performed on the background of the developer, the area and the investment potential. There is no time to be wasted on dodgy deals!
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4. Reserve a property - Reserve a property to remove it from the market. Good practice suggests that a 7-day window be allowed. The deposit is fully REFUNDABLE and transferable to other properties of your wish. It simply secures the property to avoid disappointment.

5. Arrange Viewing Trip - When visiting a property, ask as many questions as you can. Work through a checklist, take some photos and always keep your strategy in mind. There is an awfully a lot of projects in Bulgaria such as golf courses, gondola lifts, etc that is being talked about, make sure and get a proof that those projects will happen, at least think what your property is worth if the project that is being advertised doesn't happen.
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