Right Strategy - Right Property
We have unique approach to every investment matching your requirements to the current market condition and properties. We help you keep your wits with you all the way and have a rewarding experience investing in Bulgaria.

Independent property advice

We have local experts with over 20 years of experience on the market and if you need someone in Bulgaria who can support your interests and act on your behalf with every matter during the purchase and after you might find this service very useful
Sash made our investment feel safe, exciting and most of all successful!

The Taylors
Quick glimpse of how you can benefit:

* Independent insight of the market and investment areas
* Creating an investment strategy for you matching your specific needs with the market condition and areas
* Presenting realistic numbers and profit predictions
* Due diligence of the investment and developer
* Evaluating properties of your choice including cash flow chart
* Negotiating a better price for your final property
* All after sale support

We work for you before and after the purchase!

* Find the Right Property - We will find you the right property because we create the right strategy for you and research the whole market to locate your property

* Save Money - We negotiate a better price for you in most cases we are able to achieve between 2 and 20% discount which depending of the price of the property can be up to 20 000 pounds! By saving on the purchase price you also save from all purchase fees!

* Save Time - We save you considerable amount of time wondering around and going after the wrong properties! As a local experts we provide professional and independent property information you can trust and minimize the communication errors!

* Support After You Purchase - We support you through the whole process and afterwards! Don't ever worry again what you will do after the purchase because we will be there for you - to furnish, to repair, to manage, to let and to resell your property!

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