Right Strategy - Right Property
We have unique approach to every investment matching your requirements to the current market condition and properties. We help you keep your wits with you all the way and have a rewarding experience investing in Bulgaria.

Selected properties for you

Out of all the properties on Bulgarian market based on your requirements, strategy and circumstances we select the best match. Not to worry if you are not completely clear of what to expect, we help you get independent and up to date information to start with and lead you to the most suitable property and investment plan for you.
We felt very comfortable with our purchase, thanks to the honesty and expertise of Sash team.

Amanda and Tasha Davis
Return On Investment/Risk Level

Firstly it's essential that the investment itself is in line with your expectations as an investor and that you can realistically achieve your expectations for the proposed investment.

If a market is expected to offer continued growth, it is important that as an investor you understand what the "market drivers" are for this growth. Some common "market drivers" are listed below:

* Location
* Cost/Value
* Infrastructure
* Natural Factors
* Tourism
* Stability

Due Diligence carried on the Developer/Constructor/Vendor

Building Licenses - These licenses required prior to construction. Many projects work on a pre-release basis and these licenses may not be in operation at this stage.

Developer Background Checks/Track record - It is important that a developer has a traceable background and experience. Sash Solutions will look to offer projects from experienced developers with high standards and a reputation for completing on time.

Land Title Confirmation - Obviously any developer must own the land they intend to construct on. In the past there have been cases of rogue developers taking funds from clients for properties and never having legal title to the land. This is rarely a problem today and is easily checked. It is also essential that an investor understands that he/she is buying a freehold property and that title of the land will be transferred upon completion

Build Quality Guarantees - All good developers offer a guarantee on construction and a detailed quality specification. Sash Solutions makes sure these qualities and their offered guarantees are to a required high standard. Building specifications are also made available to investors.

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